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You know I hurt when I’m broken

You know I cry when I think

Of words that never were spoken

You know I die when I drink

It’s strange I’m letter this letter

Just hear the words that I say

You are the snake and the debtor

Despite what you might portray


Can I rub two sticks together

To light a fire in this space

But there’s no break in the weather

To shine the sun on my face

I know that light claims the shadow

But every day turns to night

That’s why I’m losing this battle

And why I won’t stop the fight


So I took a walk in the park on the street

Past churches and storefronts where young people meet

And dogs and old people watch hungry ones eat

And lovers in love so sickening sweet


A stitch in time saves the garment

So I try to sew some each day

And make some sense of my torment

And how it ended this way

I’ve been the student and the teacher

I’ve been the mother and child

I’d rather stop than be preacher

And heal the wounds I’ve compiled

© Michael Worthington Music 2014

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