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Bluebell Gate


I wanted you to ask

As we sat there in the dark on Bluebell Gate

It’s funny no one passed

As we sat there in your car on Bluebell Gate


I thought you were in love

I thought you were in love on Bluebell Gate

But you were in love with me

But didn’t let me know


When your father came tap tapping on the glass

My hands were on the wheel

And I wonder where his motorbike took Maria

Far from her parents’ house


Each verse that we spoke

I remember like I’m standing on Bluebell Gate

Through mirrors and through smoke

Take a picture of a life on Bluebell Gate


Now sometimes I pass

And sit in my car on Bluebell Gate

It always makes me laugh

That night you kissed my lips on Bluebell Gate


And the parish priest blessed their holy union

The chiazza heard the bells

And in that chapel white we made that same promise

That I wished for on that night


I never will forget

How you saved my life on Bluebell Gate

It’s like I won a bet

And we have split the pot on Bluebell Gate

© Michael Worthington Music 2014

Another song for Josie.  Look up Bluebell Gate.

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