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Big Feelings


I’ve got a feeling

As I take in Cape Spear

It’s how I imagine Freewheelin’

I’ll grow six inches this year


I’ve got big feelings about you

In a lone highway store

Watching birds on the prairie

Or Superior’s shore


Searchers comb Fundy caves

Wearing out pairs of shoes

And cars passing in waves

Hum Canadian blues


I’ve got big feelings about you

In a forest alone

On the banks of St. Lawrence

Or miles of stone


Here am I in this sewer

Staring up in distress

I see stars and I see children

It’s an adventure nonetheless


A box of pine with a name

But my tree hasn’t been felled

Spirit doesn’t know lame

Miles still left to tell


I’ve got big feelings about you

Roads wind and disappear

Horizons widen too far to breathe

And dust this frontier

© Michael Worthington Music 2014

Inspired by Dana Meise and the late Stuart McLean.

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