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Bi Polar


I’m of one mind on this

They’ve reached the North Pole

Why should I want to go there

When being first is the goal


So quiet and calm

I prepared a secret plan

Set sail from Christiania

Sent Scott a telegram


Am I crazy

Rolling this boulder

A little bit obsessed

Maybe just bipolar


Kept it from the crew

At Madeira took provisions

Then asked for their allegiance

To repair any divisions


What they call the Bay of Whales

Is where we passed that season

800 miles from the pole

Then the sun set for no reason


A promise to my mother

Broken when she died

But a desire chains my spirit

To explore the whole world wide


I set about a strict routine

3 meals, work and recreation

Sauna every Saturday

Beating blindness and starvation


The Antarctic sun rose

We pushed for the pole

Tons of supplies

Being first is the goal


One week before Christmas

Cigars at the spot

Hale and hearty

Left a note for Scott


Adventure is

Just a bad plan

But in this Devil’s Ballroom

Fine sunsets heal a man

© Michael Worthington Music 2014

Roald Amundsen was the first man to reach both poles.  He was a cheeky bastard, too. He secretly set off to reach the South Pole first.  On his arrival, he wrote a note for Captain Scott  leaving it in a tent at the bottom of the world.  Scott arrived 34 days later.

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