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Between A Rock And You


I’d rather burn on a Sahara dune

Or drown in Indian blue

‘Cause it’s kinder on a frozen mountain

Than between a rock and you


Ever since the first chapter

In warm primordial ooze

Man has a loved his women

Even more than cars and booze


Chasing them around house

Around the village square

Cross borders and cross oceans

Even when they have no prayer


I can’t define obsession

Seems it’s basic to the core

Like caribou migration

And stronger than a war


Is it born within the skull

Or somewhere further south

Where latitudes are tropical

And I love you bites your mouth


I think we’ve lost direction

We broke our GPS

Sometimes things just don’t work out

And you’re cleaning up the mess


But you can’t catch a dying heart

From sneezing on your mate

Or going out without your coat

It takes a certain hate


And that one special woman

You call Mrs. Right

Has crafted a persona

Bookended with smite


So listen to this chorus

Before you share your heart

For this is not a warning

Just giving a head start

© Michael Worthington Music 2014

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